Expansion joint is a broad term for an engineering idea that is created with a variety of materials. What they are made for is to add flexibility to materials which are ideal for their durability and strength but are too stiff to withstand the stress of heat induced expansion.  Basically when things heat up they expand and when they cool down they shrink, something which happens frequently in the weather patterns of Anchorage, Wasilla & Fairbanks. Think of concrete walkways. They are often done in panels or large tiles with expansion joints in between made of a material that can absorb the expansion and shrinkage of the concrete. Otherwise, the concrete would crack and break with changes in temperature.

Expansion joints are found in almost every piece of construction that has to deal with the elements. Some of them are clearly visible, others are not but they are all essential to for proper stability. However, over time expansion joints lose their resilience and stop being as efficient as they once were. This can lead to loss of structural integrity, and possible entrances for bugs and leaks. The damaged expansion joints can also be access points for further damage.


Expansion joints before repair


Expansion joints after repair


If you are in the greater areas of Anchorage, Wasilla & Fairbanks and concerned about the quality of your expansion joints then be sure to contact CanAd Outdoor Services Alaska. Our expert team of repair and replacement professionals will inspect your expansion joints and tell you exactly what state they are in. We know how to fix any form of expansion joint to maximize the longevity of your commercial property.

Remember, CanAd Outdoor Services Alaska is a full repair and upgrade service for the commercial businesses of Anchorage, Wasilla & Fairbanks. If you have any issue with the material components of your property give us a call, our reliable and friendly staff will get you back up to code.